How To Destroy Angels ‘Welcome Oblivion’: hello, nothing! +listen, download


So just like it was promised – here you go! Trent Reznor and his brave team who destroy angels,  HTDA, or How To Destroy Angels, released their first – ! – studio album. Welcome Oblivion.


And here you can hear that Mariqueen Maandig is not only whispering, but even singing loudly and – what’s more – even sime swears! (like in Too Late, All Gone),

surprisingly enough after all the mellow vocals in all the tracks of HTDA, that one could found before the album was out. Though anyways, all the roughness of lyrics, even so-in-Trent-NIN-style, just melts right away, when Mariqueen sings/whispers/talks.

And yes, regarding the fact that the last Nine Inch Nails (NIN) album was out in  2008, losta ‘nails’-fans see HTDA as incarnation of NIN. Yet the thing is there is as much of Trent, as of other his amigos like aforenamed Mariqueen, and also Atticuss Ross and Rob Sheridan  – although this one works mostly with video and graphics.

And yes, though it smells like everything Trent ever made, strating with Pretty Hate Machine and ending with  The Slip, just right throught the  Ghost (I-IV), but no, this is definetely another project, and yes, you can hear Trent’s vocals here, but just a little and only when super needed.  So altogether, even with this feel of Trent’s music strengths and familiar chaos in sound, all this sounds much more sleek, like some kind of odd, however still brilliant jewelry.

Well, surely, cuz they are not up to nail, but to destroy angels only.


You can check it already with music video, on the track  How Long?

And yes, a bit of some traditional tracklist

1. The wake-up
2. Keep it together
3. And the sky began to scream
4. Welcome oblivion
5. Ice age
6. On the wing
7. Too late, all gone
8. How long?
9. Strings and attractors
10. We fade away
11. Recursive self-improvement
12. The loop closes
13. Hallowed ground

u can try to download it here

Fresh Vid! Rihanna – Diamonds [Official Music Video]


We knew already, that Rihanna is some kinda unsleep robot, endlessly releasing new music special 4 the Jay Z’s wallet. Also we knew that she love 2 dance on drunk club tables, smoke some weed and don’t luv 2 wear some clothes. Well, it happens.

But now, it seems, we can add some kinda romantic side of Ri Ri. Oh my, and even some clothes on. Magic in the air, n nothing less.

And all this – just thanks 2 the new single of beaty, “Diamonds”. Guys’ve dove some vid already. Earlier we could saw the cover art,


where like super non slight hint was kinda joint. Maybe even not a hint on weed, but on some crack or even meth

But well. Anyways, MV is already here.

And also – tearful tone, and actually sometimes watery Ri Ri. She’s clinging to some man’s hand in tattoos, running in the night in panic, lying in the water of suspiciously shoreless ocean. In short, all the video it feels like urgent need to give her a hug, and what’s better – to wrap her in a blanket and treat with hot sweet tea.

In case if that’ll be not enough –  in vid there’s almost destroyed flat and even something seems like London Riots with fire and cops.

So well, grip your popcorn and look it up

Fresh Meat! Coldplay – Princess Of China ft. Rihanna (Official Music Video)

thnx 4 the original photo :

They really did it! COLDPLAY released music vid on theirs song “Princess of China”. The one, with Rihanna vox. And here we have vid directed byBaz Luhrmann and in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” ‘ style

And so Rihanna is soooo princess, and Chris Martin i sooo martial arts master. With necessarily fight in the end, which ends with lovey dovey stuff.

Well… but pic is sweet, why.)

thnx4the original photo:

Fresh vid from Kanye West – for his track  “Lost in the World”. With the help of Ruth Hogben, who creates this white&black sofisticated art.  Here you can find nothing typical for rap vids… But Kanye is rather some rich effeminate boy and esthetical philosofer than freaky  brytal gangsta with golden chanes and skinny chiks by his side. And again – better to see once.

p.s. Be careful: there’re a lot of straboscopes!

p.p.s.  Enjoy watching.) And again – share your impressions, guys)

and lower – the lyrics for the song.) for the curios ones))

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Phrase of the Day: to the Moon! – Molko commands

To the Moon, and no less!

thnx4original photo:

Edited: Margo Gontar

Phrase of the Day: “You’ve got to want the moon in order to achieve, at least, half of the way until there”

Said by: Brian Molko (Placebo)

Edited: Margo Gontar

Inspiring: Jessie J – Who You Are (Boombox Series)

Hi there, guys! And for your just great day today – catcha some Jessie J stuff. ‘Cuse you know it’s so funky and sweet – to sing in some New-Your undeground, with bgoombox. It inspires – me, for example, yeah. Ispires  to do anything, and to believe, that it will definetely come true someday. And eve n process some ideas or plans change, or some goals or wishes tranform for million times, it doesn’t matter. So I hope this will inspire you as much as inspires me. It’s not like you need to run faster in the NYC undground. But you just can start something that you couldn’t find strengh to start on. Kisses and best wishes ya all, guys!


thnx4original photo:

Oh yes, yes, let’s start shouting out loud the stuff like “this was online already on January”. Okay, it was. Buuuuut. I’ve found it today, and just can’t be quiet. So  – let’s enjoy these beautiful freaky lads from South Africa. Yuppy!  ^^

Fresh one! Marina and the Diamonds – Primadonna

Marina & the Diamonds will release her new album already on April the 30th. Name: Primadonna.

Promises to be rough. Not in music, no, surely. Only and exceptional in lyrics. In plot, another words. And even not so very ‘bitchy-bitchy’.  But regardly the fresh vid and lyrics – “You say that I’m kinda difficult, But it’s always someone else’s fault”, or like “All I ever wanted was the world, I can’t help that I need it all” and “I know I’ve got a big ego,
I really don’t know why it’s such a big deal, though” (in this last one – you know – I heard “dildo” all the time instead of “big deal though”… shame shame ))

But what I’m talking about… it seems like very  ‘bitchy’.  And it seems like all another stuff is inthe same  ‘mean girl’ mode.

Well – enjoy.)