Fresh Meat! Florence + The Machine – Spectrum (Official Music Video)

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FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE released their video on  SPECTRUM.  Made by David LaChapele  – all is quite serious, yeah, definetely. It’s the guy who likes to make photoes with celebrities in this bright plastic colours… And moreover – it’s his first music vid in five years!

And here we have balet guys, Florence and… shiny vagina on the beginning of the vid, as it seems o_O no comments further from me, but just have no other freaky idea what they’ve meant by this shiny… something, okay)  Smells a bit Gaga with her  BORN THIS WAY vid. And yeah – guys, take a brief look on Spectrum vid. Maybe you will explain me that?))

And here you can listen to the remix of this song, made by Calvin Harris.

Spectrum lyrics under cut, lower
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News: Funeral For a Friend: Ryan Richards out, Pat Lundy in

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Drummer Ryan Richards quits Funeral For a Friend. Says something about pretty happy 10 years, but it’s like bye-bye rock-n-roll man, hello family guy! Althoug guys weren’t really crying rivers about it – and had founded a new knight with sticks already. So check it:  Pat Lundy, from Rise to remain.

So we have something like that:

The all possible sides are happy and just meltind. So it takes only to wait for Slam Dunk Festival. Cause the brand new and fresh Funeral for a Friend is to play there olready on this weekend. And so starting from that point we’ll see: whether to start fireworks or to swear.

Phrase of the Day: Light of Wisdom by Billie Joe Armstrong

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Phrase of the Day: “Making mistakes is a lot better than not doing anything”.

By: Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day)


So just.. keep doing something) And wish you all the best! ^^