Breaking News! Justin Bieber vs. The Wall, and Bieber.. was knocked out!

thnx 4 the original photo:

No, it’s not about Pink Floyd.

It’s all about glass wall.

Justin was preforming his live in Paris, and has gone backstage in between the songs. Ans there the wall was waiting for him… Oh well, yeah, he just hit the glass. Okay. Even get the concussion! But acually was ok in general.

So beliebers, you can breath calmly.

But it’s not the first time for Bieber to be so close acquinted with glass – previously he hit the door. Also glass one.  There’s even video, below.

But anti-fans, be aware:  comments on youtube shows that it can really be addictive.


thnx 4 the info:

disclaimer: not aiming to hurt anybody’s feelings and personale wish  Bieber fast recover. )