Justin Timberlake ‘The 20/20 Experience’: sexy back is back


Yesss! Here it is ! Justin Timberlake is back and with his new, third album! So much expected

(how exactly – you can check here, if you haven’t done that yet

And – it worked! Neither design, nor marriage with Jessica Biel stopped him. Anyways, what I am trying to say, it is EPIC WIN! Album The 20/20 experience to be out on 15 of March


However the taste you can get from tracks that are already online (like this his ‘Suit and Tie’ tune


so well… all is sooo sweety-sweety-sweet. So jazzy-soul-funky. And no drama involved, though this lady – drama, i mean – was ofthen guest in his music ( ‘Cry Me A River’, What Goes Around’,… well, u got my idea)

But well, marriage happens. So finita, guys, gave over, no drama here anymore.Ну что поделать – женился – и все, финита, ноу драма


Oh, and yeah, for you to survive the last week before the album’s officially released – here you go the tracklist

‘Pusher Love Girl’
‘Suit & Tie’ (featuring Jay-Z)
‘Don’t Hold the Wall’
‘Strawberry Bubblegum’
‘Tunnel Vision’
‘Spaceship Coupe’
‘That Girl’
‘Let the Groove Get In’
‘Blue Ocean Roar’


True sweet guys from  THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA promise to release their first-in-history CD/DVD with live shooting. Plus – also backstages, and vids from studio. On the 26th of June. The name is DEAD&ALIVE. And you can alreasy preorder it here: http://tdwpstore.com/.

And below you can see official video on their  “VENGEANCE”.  Live, of course

Fresh Meat! MUSE – The 2nd Law (new album). Muse Goes DUBSTEP

thnx 4 the original photo: http://nnm.ru


MUSE are preparing brand new album! THE 2ND LAW, and no less. Due to be released on September. Guys even made trailer for it. And there is high concentration of po;itics and… dubstep. Yeah, exactly dubstep. You’re not hallucinating. Well… MUSE promised earlier – some brand new music. So… here it is.

Adn yeah, here you go – dubstep mix on MUSE. For – let me say it – rehearsal of your ears.

Fresh Meat! Coldplay – Princess Of China ft. Rihanna (Official Music Video)

thnx 4 the original photo : http://goodfellamedia.com

They really did it! COLDPLAY released music vid on theirs song “Princess of China”. The one, with Rihanna vox. And here we have vid directed byBaz Luhrmann and in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” ‘ style

And so Rihanna is soooo princess, and Chris Martin i sooo martial arts master. With necessarily fight in the end, which ends with lovey dovey stuff.

Well… but pic is sweet, why.)

Breaking News! Justin Bieber vs. The Wall, and Bieber.. was knocked out!

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No, it’s not about Pink Floyd.

It’s all about glass wall.

Justin was preforming his live in Paris, and has gone backstage in between the songs. Ans there the wall was waiting for him… Oh well, yeah, he just hit the glass. Okay. Even get the concussion! But acually was ok in general.

So beliebers, you can breath calmly.

But it’s not the first time for Bieber to be so close acquinted with glass – previously he hit the door. Also glass one.  There’s even video, below.

But anti-fans, be aware:  comments on youtube shows that it can really be addictive.


thnx 4 the info: http://www.tmz.com

disclaimer: not aiming to hurt anybody’s feelings and personale wish  Bieber fast recover. )

Fresh Meat! JAY Z & Kanye West – No Church In The Wild (Official Music Video)

thnx 4 the original photo http://consequenceofsound.net/

There’s a little bit of riot in today’s “Fresh meat”. It’s JAY Z, КАNYE WEST and FRANK OCEAN showed up their fresh vid on NO CHURCH IN THE WILD. Shots from Prague riots.  Directed by Romain Garvas. He made vids for JUSTICE before, for example. In shorts, epic vid. And even not mentioning of Frank Ocean in title can’t do it less epic.

No Church in the Wild’s lyrics under cut, lower

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Fresh Meat! Florence + The Machine – Spectrum (Official Music Video)

thnx 4 the original photo  http://xgosiax.blogspot.com

FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE released their video on  SPECTRUM.  Made by David LaChapele  – all is quite serious, yeah, definetely. It’s the guy who likes to make photoes with celebrities in this bright plastic colours… And moreover – it’s his first music vid in five years!

And here we have balet guys, Florence and… shiny vagina on the beginning of the vid, as it seems o_O no comments further from me, but just have no other freaky idea what they’ve meant by this shiny… something, okay)  Smells a bit Gaga with her  BORN THIS WAY vid. And yeah – guys, take a brief look on Spectrum vid. Maybe you will explain me that?))

And here you can listen to the remix of this song, made by Calvin Harris.

Spectrum lyrics under cut, lower
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Fresh Meat! Linkin Park – BURN IT DOWN (Official Music Video)

thnx 4 the original photo: http://freedom.atlocal.net

Nice news, guys! LINKIN PARK released  fresh vid on theirs BURN IT DOWN.

It’s from their not less fresh album  LIVING THING.

And in this vid Linkin Park guys are in fire, Literary, almost. Well, it’s sound reasonable from the name of track in the first place. And in lyrics guys are, you know, building for burning it down to the ground. But it’s not the point. The point is that it sounds exactly how they’d promised: anew and with slight and subtle taste of  HYBRID THEORY and  METEORA.  It breaks me into tears of joy, Hope you like it too. So enjoy your own nirvana, and share you expressions.)

thnx 4 the info: http://www.gigwise.com/

and for curios ones – lyrics under cut

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News: Funeral For a Friend: Ryan Richards out, Pat Lundy in

thnx4 the original photo: http://www.fullhdoboi.ru

Drummer Ryan Richards quits Funeral For a Friend. Says something about pretty happy 10 years, but it’s like bye-bye rock-n-roll man, hello family guy! Althoug guys weren’t really crying rivers about it – and had founded a new knight with sticks already. So check it:  Pat Lundy, from Rise to remain.

So we have something like that:

The all possible sides are happy and just meltind. So it takes only to wait for Slam Dunk Festival. Cause the brand new and fresh Funeral for a Friend is to play there olready on this weekend. And so starting from that point we’ll see: whether to start fireworks or to swear.

Fresh Meat! P.O.D. – Lost in Forever (Scream)+ music video

thnx 4 the original pic: http://loudwire.com

P.O.D. (PAYABLE ON DEATH) are alive! And not just alive, and with completely recorded album – yeah yeah, which is set to be released on Summer –

but also with a new vid!

On “Lost in Forever” – and the name really sounds like sort of a joke now, after such a pause in their activity and silence from them.

In a new vid guys, are signing bout impossibility and endlessness. And the plot of vid is really a lot seems like more philosophic version of Britney Spears’s “Oops I did it again”.  We have some planet (Moon?), some blonde chick and a guy in a some kind of space suit. And in the end the main hero dies, though – after he removes the helmet. Oh, cruel reality, you heartless damned wretch.