Inspiring: About Gaga and not giving up your dreams

Today I did some package about Gaga, on work, and bumped on this one video – about girl, who’s fighting for her life and for her dream. And even in other way: about the girl that starts fighting for her dream because she starts losong her life. Because of giving up her dream previosly. Because, as she say in video, dreams, what were giving up by us, they may kill us from the inside.

So, like the memento, not to give up your dreams and wishes, let’s support her! You need only to watch video on youtube and to click “like” on it, and maybe post some cheerfull and supportive comment – it’s all up to you, surely. Just say what I did.)

It’s so wonderful to help somebody with her dream, especially when you need so little for it.

Have a nice day, my friends.And DO NOT give up your dreams !