Heavy Monday! CHIMP SPANNER (Paul Antonio Ortiz )

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Hello, guys!  Special on Monday – the heavy stuff. And “hi” to those in love with prog and music-for-the-musicians like Animals As Leaders – so make your speakers louder. Cause we have  Chimp Spanner today here . And if you didn’t know him yet – feel free to enjoy. Paul Antonio Ortizm, for your listening.

Heavy Monday: Emmure – Slave to the Game+download album

My true love – Emmure – have some fresh stuff

thnx 4 photo: http://www.lastfm.ru

Who: Emmure

Album: Slave To The Game

Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore

Release date: 10 april 2012

Country: USA

Детали: Here’s all as it must be when you talk about Emmure: dramatic atmospheric introes, histerical guitar shreds, and this crazy djent on rythm. And yeah,  Frankie Palmeri on vocals… So in this album Emmure hadn’t go really much further from theirSpeaker of the Dead.  And actually this fresh and even not released oficially album can be named Speaker of the Dead-2. Maybe cause there’s only one year between these two releases so Emmure just hadn’t a lot time to change style – but there’s is this dance style Cross Over Attack and it almot says that guys are going somewhere further, even if not in this very second. But from other side of this river – for what they need to change something now if at the moment this stuff works. And will surely do for some time around the corner.

Anyway, music first, my friends.). So catch it up! In mp3 and even flac you can find it here. And don’t hold yourself, share you comments.)