Fresh Vid! Rihanna – Diamonds [Official Music Video]


We knew already, that Rihanna is some kinda unsleep robot, endlessly releasing new music special 4 the Jay Z’s wallet. Also we knew that she love 2 dance on drunk club tables, smoke some weed and don’t luv 2 wear some clothes. Well, it happens.

But now, it seems, we can add some kinda romantic side of Ri Ri. Oh my, and even some clothes on. Magic in the air, n nothing less.

And all this – just thanks 2 the new single of beaty, “Diamonds”. Guys’ve dove some vid already. Earlier we could saw the cover art,


where like super non slight hint was kinda joint. Maybe even not a hint on weed, but on some crack or even meth

But well. Anyways, MV is already here.

And also – tearful tone, and actually sometimes watery Ri Ri. She’s clinging to some man’s hand in tattoos, running in the night in panic, lying in the water of suspiciously shoreless ocean. In short, all the video it feels like urgent need to give her a hug, and what’s better – to wrap her in a blanket and treat with hot sweet tea.

In case if that’ll be not enough –  in vid there’s almost destroyed flat and even something seems like London Riots with fire and cops.

So well, grip your popcorn and look it up

Fresh Meat! Kanye West – Mercy (Explicit) (Official Music Video)

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Yo, guys! Hi to all who’s here! Cause here you go  – present from Kanye West: music vid on  “Mercy”, from fresh and due to release album,  “GOOD Music”.

Directed by Nabil, the one, who worked with  Bon Iver, Bruno Mars and Frank Ocean.

So creativeness included, if you know what I mean..

And beside Kanye, it seems, a lot of his friends contributed to this album – only in vid you can see Big Sean, 2 Chainz, Kid Cudi and Pusha T.  Each with his importancy to rap, and West is rapping bout.. sucides. Well, yeah. The more suicides – the less suicides.  But yeah, well, didn’t forget bout Lmborghini and Mayonniase.

and check lyrics under cut

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Fresh Meat! Coldplay – Princess Of China ft. Rihanna (Official Music Video)

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They really did it! COLDPLAY released music vid on theirs song “Princess of China”. The one, with Rihanna vox. And here we have vid directed byBaz Luhrmann and in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” ‘ style

And so Rihanna is soooo princess, and Chris Martin i sooo martial arts master. With necessarily fight in the end, which ends with lovey dovey stuff.

Well… but pic is sweet, why.)

For sense of humor improvement: To all beardy and non beardy!

Hello, guys! For your mood improvement – here’s beard song. Well, maybe not exactly beard… cause main hero actually has problems with it… But he doesn’t give up! So neither should you! Don’t give up, yeah! You will do it! Not necessarily with beard… but with the  stuff you need – yeah, you will do it!

I believe in you!))

Here’s “The Beard Song”, by Tommee Profitt

Take care)

Fresh Meat! JAY Z & Kanye West – No Church In The Wild (Official Music Video)

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There’s a little bit of riot in today’s “Fresh meat”. It’s JAY Z, КАNYE WEST and FRANK OCEAN showed up their fresh vid on NO CHURCH IN THE WILD. Shots from Prague riots.  Directed by Romain Garvas. He made vids for JUSTICE before, for example. In shorts, epic vid. And even not mentioning of Frank Ocean in title can’t do it less epic.

No Church in the Wild’s lyrics under cut, lower

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Fresh Meat! Florence + The Machine – Spectrum (Official Music Video)

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FLORENCE AND THE MACHINE released their video on  SPECTRUM.  Made by David LaChapele  – all is quite serious, yeah, definetely. It’s the guy who likes to make photoes with celebrities in this bright plastic colours… And moreover – it’s his first music vid in five years!

And here we have balet guys, Florence and… shiny vagina on the beginning of the vid, as it seems o_O no comments further from me, but just have no other freaky idea what they’ve meant by this shiny… something, okay)  Smells a bit Gaga with her  BORN THIS WAY vid. And yeah – guys, take a brief look on Spectrum vid. Maybe you will explain me that?))

And here you can listen to the remix of this song, made by Calvin Harris.

Spectrum lyrics under cut, lower
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Fresh Meat! Serj Tankian – Figure It Out +клип (music video)

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Yeah! The music vid on Serj Tankian’s  “Figure It Out”  is ready! Get a look)

And here’s active revealing of conspiracy theory by Serj. Like all problems are because of CEO’s. And even though he said it’s only humorous political song – it seems Serjio wants some revolution to begin.

And as always – for curios ones, lyrcis is in separate music vid here:

and  below

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NEWS! Justin Timberlake is back!

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Justin Timberlake is back! All around had been calling him for so long – just no chance to resist. Oh, btw, here’s vids of calling him:

Anyway, they called him – and so him came back! And is to write music for some new movie named “The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea” . And in main role is… guess who?…  his GF, and potential wife, Jessica Biel).

But even more: Justin won’t only writing music, but also will select what other music is to join the soundtrack.

So all of us, let’s calm down and keep listening to Justin. Not Bieber.

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Fresh Meat! P.O.D. – Lost in Forever (Scream)+ music video

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P.O.D. (PAYABLE ON DEATH) are alive! And not just alive, and with completely recorded album – yeah yeah, which is set to be released on Summer –

but also with a new vid!

On “Lost in Forever” – and the name really sounds like sort of a joke now, after such a pause in their activity and silence from them.

In a new vid guys, are signing bout impossibility and endlessness. And the plot of vid is really a lot seems like more philosophic version of Britney Spears’s “Oops I did it again”.  We have some planet (Moon?), some blonde chick and a guy in a some kind of space suit. And in the end the main hero dies, though – after he removes the helmet. Oh, cruel reality, you heartless damned wretch.

Coming soon! Azealia Banks – 1991 +cover +music video

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Hi there, my dears! Pleased to tell you bout freaky Azealia Banks. Cause she is releasing her debut EP, called  “1991”. It’s like her birth year – cause album is to relalesd on May the 29th, on her B-day eve.

And there will be 4 tracks


“Van Vogue”

And so why I’m talking bout it? Well firstly she’s great. I mean it. You can check vids yourself (there are two already). And be careful with the “212” one – it’s just stick to your brain. And secondly – BBC shouted bout her, in theri Sound List 2012 – it’s the list of perspective musicians, whose star will certainly shine this year. 

But that’s not all. Azealia plans to release a mistape, with freash track “Jumanji”,  produced by Hudson Mohawke.. You can chek it lower.

And then rapping chink plans to relase a full-length album, somewhere in the Autumn. So… Nicki Minaj, keep calm, and call Batman.

thnx 4 the info: