Justin Timberlake ‘The 20/20 Experience’: sexy back is back


Yesss! Here it is ! Justin Timberlake is back and with his new, third album! So much expected

(how exactly – you can check here, if you haven’t done that yet

And – it worked! Neither design, nor marriage with Jessica Biel stopped him. Anyways, what I am trying to say, it is EPIC WIN! Album The 20/20 experience to be out on 15 of March


However the taste you can get from tracks that are already online (like this his ‘Suit and Tie’ tune


so well… all is sooo sweety-sweety-sweet. So jazzy-soul-funky. And no drama involved, though this lady – drama, i mean – was ofthen guest in his music ( ‘Cry Me A River’, What Goes Around’,… well, u got my idea)

But well, marriage happens. So finita, guys, gave over, no drama here anymore.Ну что поделать – женился – и все, финита, ноу драма


Oh, and yeah, for you to survive the last week before the album’s officially released – here you go the tracklist

‘Pusher Love Girl’
‘Suit & Tie’ (featuring Jay-Z)
‘Don’t Hold the Wall’
‘Strawberry Bubblegum’
‘Tunnel Vision’
‘Spaceship Coupe’
‘That Girl’
‘Let the Groove Get In’
‘Blue Ocean Roar’

Fresh Meat! MUSE – The 2nd Law (new album). Muse Goes DUBSTEP

thnx 4 the original photo: http://nnm.ru


MUSE are preparing brand new album! THE 2ND LAW, and no less. Due to be released on September. Guys even made trailer for it. And there is high concentration of po;itics and… dubstep. Yeah, exactly dubstep. You’re not hallucinating. Well… MUSE promised earlier – some brand new music. So… here it is.

Adn yeah, here you go – dubstep mix on MUSE. For – let me say it – rehearsal of your ears.

Coming soon! Azealia Banks – 1991 +cover +music video

thnx 4 the original photo http://pigeonsandplanes.com

Hi there, my dears! Pleased to tell you bout freaky Azealia Banks. Cause she is releasing her debut EP, called  “1991”. It’s like her birth year – cause album is to relalesd on May the 29th, on her B-day eve.

And there will be 4 tracks


“Van Vogue”

And so why I’m talking bout it? Well firstly she’s great. I mean it. You can check vids yourself (there are two already). And be careful with the “212” one – it’s just stick to your brain. And secondly – BBC shouted bout her, in theri Sound List 2012 – it’s the list of perspective musicians, whose star will certainly shine this year. 

But that’s not all. Azealia plans to release a mistape, with freash track “Jumanji”,  produced by Hudson Mohawke.. You can chek it lower.


And then rapping chink plans to relase a full-length album, somewhere in the Autumn. So… Nicki Minaj, keep calm, and call Batman.

thnx 4 the info: http://consequenceofsound.net/2012/05/azealia-banks-to-release-debut-ep-1991-on-may-29th/

NEWS: No Doubt, new album, 2012

thnx4original photo: http://www.morandi.org.ua

For 11 years No Doubt were very serious about their own lyrics – I mean, they hadn’t spoke. But now – at last – they’re releasing new album. on the 25th of September already! Yahoo! And for making fan’s  life easier till the day comes – band promised to post photoes and vids from the preparation, shooting videos and rehearses

And here is announcement

And here is one of their songs,  It’s My Life.  It’s like for kinda of reminding.