NEWS: Bjork cancels part of her summer tour

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It seems, Bjork plays Adele – I mean, cancels part of summer tour because of illness. Promices to recover in extra quick way and the all similar stuff.) But in the moment – no lives, only leath improving. Lives in Scandinavian countries are in question still – the ones that are in August. But the all before it – sorrym guys. Butr you still can enjoy Bjork vids with your tea and cookies stuff, and meditate on her quick total recover.

NEWS: No Doubt, new album, 2012

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For 11 years No Doubt were very serious about their own lyrics – I mean, they hadn’t spoke. But now – at last – they’re releasing new album. on the 25th of September already! Yahoo! And for making fan’s  life easier till the day comes – band promised to post photoes and vids from the preparation, shooting videos and rehearses

And here is announcement

And here is one of their songs,  It’s My Life.  It’s like for kinda of reminding.


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RIHANNA treated world with a vid on  WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, to which we’ve seen a lot vids from rehearsals and stuff. And now at last you can enjoy this result of epic work of real bunch of people – dancers, cameramen, directors… And RIHANNA’s here rearching in water, upper the water and under the water…. But yeah, better to see once.