Fresh Vid! Rihanna – Diamonds [Official Music Video]


We knew already, that Rihanna is some kinda unsleep robot, endlessly releasing new music special 4 the Jay Z’s wallet. Also we knew that she love 2 dance on drunk club tables, smoke some weed and don’t luv 2 wear some clothes. Well, it happens.

But now, it seems, we can add some kinda romantic side of Ri Ri. Oh my, and even some clothes on. Magic in the air, n nothing less.

And all this – just thanks 2 the new single of beaty, “Diamonds”. Guys’ve dove some vid already. Earlier we could saw the cover art,


where like super non slight hint was kinda joint. Maybe even not a hint on weed, but on some crack or even meth

But well. Anyways, MV is already here.

And also – tearful tone, and actually sometimes watery Ri Ri. She’s clinging to some man’s hand in tattoos, running in the night in panic, lying in the water of suspiciously shoreless ocean. In short, all the video it feels like urgent need to give her a hug, and what’s better – to wrap her in a blanket and treat with hot sweet tea.

In case if that’ll be not enough –  in vid there’s almost destroyed flat and even something seems like London Riots with fire and cops.

So well, grip your popcorn and look it up

Fresh Meat! Coldplay – Princess Of China ft. Rihanna (Official Music Video)

thnx 4 the original photo :

They really did it! COLDPLAY released music vid on theirs song “Princess of China”. The one, with Rihanna vox. And here we have vid directed byBaz Luhrmann and in “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” ‘ style

And so Rihanna is soooo princess, and Chris Martin i sooo martial arts master. With necessarily fight in the end, which ends with lovey dovey stuff.

Well… but pic is sweet, why.)


thnx 4 original photo:

RIHANNA treated world with a vid on  WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN, to which we’ve seen a lot vids from rehearsals and stuff. And now at last you can enjoy this result of epic work of real bunch of people – dancers, cameramen, directors… And RIHANNA’s here rearching in water, upper the water and under the water…. But yeah, better to see once.

Soundtrack4weekend! – Rihanna’s with us

At last! Here they are! Nights when you can party outdoors without this  freezy-wind-and-okay-let’s-go-home stuff. And when you can walk for a while, with player, and when in your ears… and actually about ears I’m going to talk – I mean, about food for them)

Okay, so, in this weekend menu are:

Who: Rihanna

Genre:  r&b, dancehall, raggae, hip hop, dance

Listen to :

What you need to know about her:  if you didn’t heard about her yet from every and each open window – so okay, i’ll tell you some. This pretty lady id from Barbadoss. and she was saved by Ewan Rogers. In her 16, and from that time she conquer stadiums, clubs, hearts… Well, what reaches, that one conquers

What mood for: for dancing  in the middle of streret and in the middle of the night, with eyes shut and smiling. Me myself did it some days before, so – checked)

For close chat:

here’s this hers Where Have You Been

and one more – working in studio

Who: Awolnation

Genre: indie-pop

Listen to :

What you need to know about them:  these pretty americans are doing their music stuff from 2010, but the most loud (metaphorically,I mean) track is on of the newest, Sail. And no panic, Sail is lower.

Details. And lower. But no joking – it’s great and groovy music stuff, not very fast and not very slow for not to sleep in undeground train, when you’re going home from some party. And yeah, some dubstep and Enter Shikari in these shouts are in the air… but it’s like.. details.

What mood for: yeah, for comming back home from some party. When it’s like you have something about 15 minutes, and there’re no people around you, and your head is eager to lay on pillow, but agrees to shake for a while to some idie rythms, yeah

For close chat:

here’s their Sail

Here’s the parody on it

and actually there is a lot of stuff than you can find when taping  Awolnation – Sail. For example, even such