Hi, my name is Margo Gontar.) And I’m happy to see you here)

Music. Drive. Emotion.

Gee Gee Magazine it’s emotionally about music.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              About alternative, pop-rock, post-hardcore and all the stuff at least slightly connected  with music. Style and genre are only names. Main inside. Core inside. Core is music. Core is drive. Core is emotion.

I’m in love with music for quite awhile. I love to listen to it, and to write about it. And even more: I just simply love to write.) Yes.

And besides I played in some bands for awhile.

I played for some time in Floppy Porn band. You can see our video here

I played in CHAOS LIMIT band for around 5 years. You can hear us here

or here


Using the information and photoes from  Gee Gee Magazine is possible only if you link on  Gee Gee Magazine. Thank you for understanding.


Gee Gee Magazine does not knowingly violate any copyright laws. If you are or represent the copyright holder of a work of music we have posted on the site, please email us and the file in question will be removed from our servers immediately.

Russian version: http://geegeemagazine.wordpress.com/

Me personal blog: http://margogontar.wordpress.com/

Thank you for your time! And wish you all the best! Feel free to share ideas, express thoughts and whatever you want to express – here geegeemagazine [at] gmail.com

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