Heavy Monday: Emmure – Slave to the Game+download album

My true love – Emmure – have some fresh stuff

thnx 4 photo: http://www.lastfm.ru

Who: Emmure

Album: Slave To The Game

Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore

Release date: 10 april 2012

Country: USA

Детали: Here’s all as it must be when you talk about Emmure: dramatic atmospheric introes, histerical guitar shreds, and this crazy djent on rythm. And yeah,  Frankie Palmeri on vocals… So in this album Emmure hadn’t go really much further from theirSpeaker of the Dead.  And actually this fresh and even not released oficially album can be named Speaker of the Dead-2. Maybe cause there’s only one year between these two releases so Emmure just hadn’t a lot time to change style – but there’s is this dance style Cross Over Attack and it almot says that guys are going somewhere further, even if not in this very second. But from other side of this river – for what they need to change something now if at the moment this stuff works. And will surely do for some time around the corner.

Anyway, music first, my friends.). So catch it up! In mp3 and even flac you can find it here. And don’t hold yourself, share you comments.)

Pop Goes Metal: Britney Spears ‘Toxic’

Today we’ll gonna talk about such nice and loved by many thing as metal covers on pop songs . The first hero will be Britney Spears and her Toxic.

thnx 4 photo: http://www.nrj.com.ua

And to make it more interesting, we took some covers from various commands. Just to compare.

Who’s there: Kit-I (and also they read like “Keetаi” – “China” on Russian ).



thnx 4 photo: Mega Bit

What do you need to know about them: Russian band. Gathered in 2007. Style: pop-rock. They have been sending theis first recorded demo to recording studios, but had all the time answer that this  “Unformat”. Later,passing the demo of Max Fadeev (his projects: Глюк’oza, Syeryebro (Silver))  received his support.

Details. Stylish and fashionable. The guys, and clips. Besides the girl on the bass – it always gives bonuses among fans. Everything right: the bassist- girl in sexy stuff and frontman is with make-up. But hard to resist the associations with Tokio Hotel: either because the singer recalls Bill Kaulitz, whether because of all the emo stuff, which has seemed to bacame out of the mainstream scene. Nevertheless  – as Max had told to Megabit blog, the Kit-I had the most powerful start among the whole his projects, and attendance of their official website – three million per day. So do emo came back?

More contacts: official site

And here is their vision of Britney’s creation.

Who’s there: Blowsight



thnx 4 photo: http://lightzonemusic.wordpress.com/

What do you need to know about them: hot guys from Stockholm, Sweden. Собрались в 2003 году. Genre: alternative metal, alternative rock, nu metal. But they name it themselves  popmetalpunk.

Details. There is heaviness. And there is a drive. What is already a success, because these two things are very oftenincompatible in reality.

Еще контакты: myspace, last.fm

And cover on  Toxic by Blowsight.

Who’s there: A Static Lullaby

A Static Lullaby

A Static Lullaby

thnx 4 photo: http://lvldoom.blogspot.com/2010/11/static-lullaby-toxic-britney-spear.html

What do you need to know about them: gatheredet  in 2001, Canada, after the usual jam in high school. And gathered so well, because play so far. Style: post-hardcore, metalcore, screamo.Played together on tours with Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack!, Silverstein.

Details. Began with  screamo, later, like many similar bands, moved to post-hardcore. Label: Fearless Records.

More contacts: official site

And their version of Toxic, which was included in the  ‘Punk goes Pop Vol.2’ compilation.

And – heavy styff for the ending.

Who’s there: Gunzoo.



thnx 4 photo: http://www.lastfm.ru/

What do you need to know about them: guys are from California. Style: metalcore, screamo, death metal, hardcore.

Details. They are often confused with  I Set My Friend On Fire. But they are different bands.

More contacts: last.fm , myspace

And the last heavy variant of Britney’s song. How do you like it?

That’s all for now. See ya!