Pop Goes Metal: Britney Spears ‘Toxic’

Today we’ll gonna talk about such nice and loved by many thing as metal covers on pop songs . The first hero will be Britney Spears and her Toxic.

thnx 4 photo: http://www.nrj.com.ua

And to make it more interesting, we took some covers from various commands. Just to compare.

Who’s there: Kit-I (and also they read like “Keetаi” – “China” on Russian ).



thnx 4 photo: Mega Bit

What do you need to know about them: Russian band. Gathered in 2007. Style: pop-rock. They have been sending theis first recorded demo to recording studios, but had all the time answer that this  “Unformat”. Later,passing the demo of Max Fadeev (his projects: Глюк’oza, Syeryebro (Silver))  received his support.

Details. Stylish and fashionable. The guys, and clips. Besides the girl on the bass – it always gives bonuses among fans. Everything right: the bassist- girl in sexy stuff and frontman is with make-up. But hard to resist the associations with Tokio Hotel: either because the singer recalls Bill Kaulitz, whether because of all the emo stuff, which has seemed to bacame out of the mainstream scene. Nevertheless  – as Max had told to Megabit blog, the Kit-I had the most powerful start among the whole his projects, and attendance of their official website – three million per day. So do emo came back?

More contacts: official site

And here is their vision of Britney’s creation.

Who’s there: Blowsight



thnx 4 photo: http://lightzonemusic.wordpress.com/

What do you need to know about them: hot guys from Stockholm, Sweden. Собрались в 2003 году. Genre: alternative metal, alternative rock, nu metal. But they name it themselves  popmetalpunk.

Details. There is heaviness. And there is a drive. What is already a success, because these two things are very oftenincompatible in reality.

Еще контакты: myspace, last.fm

And cover on  Toxic by Blowsight.

Who’s there: A Static Lullaby

A Static Lullaby

A Static Lullaby

thnx 4 photo: http://lvldoom.blogspot.com/2010/11/static-lullaby-toxic-britney-spear.html

What do you need to know about them: gatheredet  in 2001, Canada, after the usual jam in high school. And gathered so well, because play so far. Style: post-hardcore, metalcore, screamo.Played together on tours with Asking Alexandria, Attack Attack!, Silverstein.

Details. Began with  screamo, later, like many similar bands, moved to post-hardcore. Label: Fearless Records.

More contacts: official site

And their version of Toxic, which was included in the  ‘Punk goes Pop Vol.2’ compilation.

And – heavy styff for the ending.

Who’s there: Gunzoo.



thnx 4 photo: http://www.lastfm.ru/

What do you need to know about them: guys are from California. Style: metalcore, screamo, death metal, hardcore.

Details. They are often confused with  I Set My Friend On Fire. But they are different bands.

More contacts: last.fm , myspace

And the last heavy variant of Britney’s song. How do you like it?

That’s all for now. See ya!