ABANDON ALL SHIPS, these nice freaky boys with deep love for autotune and post-hardcore, showed their very new music video on INFAMOUS. The one where A GAME are rapping a little bit, in some sweety sweet style.  In this vid guys eat, drink and open their mouthes on camera – and of course all in very sylish way.

Oh! And even more! Guys are to go in tour with  Attack Attack!, We Came As Romans and Woe is Me. So this video is like strating on in Canadian style.

And how do you like the rap part? Share your emotions, guys!

p.s. and for curious ones – ABANDON ALL SHIPS shared lyrics themselves in info to music video. So enjoy.)

Fresh one! Marina and the Diamonds – Primadonna

Marina & the Diamonds will release her new album already on April the 30th. Name: Primadonna.

Promises to be rough. Not in music, no, surely. Only and exceptional in lyrics. In plot, another words. And even not so very ‘bitchy-bitchy’.  But regardly the fresh vid and lyrics – “You say that I’m kinda difficult, But it’s always someone else’s fault”, or like “All I ever wanted was the world, I can’t help that I need it all” and “I know I’ve got a big ego,
I really don’t know why it’s such a big deal, though” (in this last one – you know – I heard “dildo” all the time instead of “big deal though”… shame shame ))

But what I’m talking about… it seems like very  ‘bitchy’.  And it seems like all another stuff is inthe same  ‘mean girl’ mode.

Well – enjoy.)

Heavy Monday: Emmure – Slave to the Game+download album

My true love – Emmure – have some fresh stuff

thnx 4 photo: http://www.lastfm.ru

Who: Emmure

Album: Slave To The Game

Genre: Metalcore/Hardcore

Release date: 10 april 2012

Country: USA

Детали: Here’s all as it must be when you talk about Emmure: dramatic atmospheric introes, histerical guitar shreds, and this crazy djent on rythm. And yeah,  Frankie Palmeri on vocals… So in this album Emmure hadn’t go really much further from theirSpeaker of the Dead.  And actually this fresh and even not released oficially album can be named Speaker of the Dead-2. Maybe cause there’s only one year between these two releases so Emmure just hadn’t a lot time to change style – but there’s is this dance style Cross Over Attack and it almot says that guys are going somewhere further, even if not in this very second. But from other side of this river – for what they need to change something now if at the moment this stuff works. And will surely do for some time around the corner.

Anyway, music first, my friends.). So catch it up! In mp3 and even flac you can find it here. And don’t hold yourself, share you comments.)

Soundtrack 4 weekend!

Hello there! Here we gonna propose you some nice music to listen on your weekends.

=> Marina and the Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds

thnx 4 photo: http://wowlab.com.ua/

What do you need to know about her: Greek girl Marina Lambrini Diamandis, from Wales. Was included in  Sound list BBC of the promising artists of  2010 year (by the way, her first EP was released in 2007). Recorded three EP( ‘Mermaid Vs. Sailor’, ‘The Crown Jewels’, ‘The American Jewels’), album ‘Family Jewels‘ and sigle ‘Shampain’. Style: indie-pop.

Details.Incredibly strong vocals, witty deep lyrics that seemed been stolen from your head,  going to extreme charisma and a beat with keyboards that give no apportunity  to stand still, even if you are in a crowded. This is what we would call an “alternative pop music”.

For what: to turn in a warm sunny day even the darkest cold windy nigh, to believe in yourself, or – if you already are – to act, finally.

Start with tracks:


Oh no!


More contacts: official sitelast.fmmyspace

=> Vamps



thnx 4 photo: http://toshivk.blogspot.com/

What do you need to know about them: Japanese J-rock band, gathered in 2008 by Hyde ( L’arc en Ciel vocals) and K.A.Z. (Oblivion Dust). Signed on label owned by Hyde, Vamprose.

Details. J-rock band with all the consequences – visual key? even if the most minimal one,  peculiar sound as though just taken from the American 70th, digested in the music stomachs of Japanese culture, and returned back in a very changed form. And one morel – it’s for girls – for example, Hyde is 42. But you better read this after watching the video – the effect will be more.

For what: to see the unusual and positive, add a little romance, listen to nice sexy chocolate vocals and feel yourself a bit like in the anime.

Start with tracks:

Devil Side

Revolution (Live  at the “BEAUTY AND THE BEAST” gig in Tokyo, Japan).

Jesus Christ

More contacts: myspace

=> Abandon All Ships

Abandon All Ships

Abandon All Ships

thnx 4 photo: http://pcm-music.com/

What do you need to know about them: guys from Toronto, Canada. Gathered in 2006. Style: post-hardcore, trance, metalcore, electronica. Have released an album Geeving and EP Abandon All Ships

Details. Good qualitative trancecore where all are on their places: growl and hardcore chants on beatdowns, sweet autotuned vocals on electronic dance pieces  and many nice ladies in the video.

For what: to catch some drive while listening to breakdowns and growl and dancing under the electronic beats.

Start with tracks:

Take One Last Breath

Megawacko 2.1


More contact: myspaceofficial site